authors requirements

Since 2015, we receive for publication some English papers. We have just published 8 such papers (6 from Slovakia, 2 from China), 2016 – 9 (6 form Slovakia, 3 from China). The publication is then possible but on following conditions: (i) the paper is concerned with chemical technology or engineering, environmental protection in the chemical industry, chemical raw materials or chemical markets, (ii) the original paper is written in Word editor, in good English and prepared accordingly to our requirements (see model paper for font, chapters, literature citations, tables and figures, practical conclusions), and (iii) the paper contains short CV and photos (JPG files of 300 DPI) of Authors. An example of a foreign paper published can be seen DOI: 10.151999/62.2015.7.3): the left column in Polish and the right in English. The papers are translated into Polish by Editors. The decision about publication depends on 2 reviewers.

The Journal is independent, does not receive any financial support from the Polish Government and lives on income from free market (subscription, advertisements, publication fees). The Authors pay EUR 320 or (320 USD) per printed page (in average EUR 1600 to EUR 2250 per publication). The fee includes the costs of translation into Polish. The Authors publishing their papers for the first time are asked to pay the fee in advance according to a pro forma invoice. For the next publication, they have only to declare the readiness to pay after.

The waiting time is usually 3 to 4 months after application. The Authors receive one copy of the Monthly (paper version) and a pdf file with the publication for free disposal.